Extending your property team

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Bedfordshire Early Years Provision

With project management skills at our core, and values and ethos so heavily drawn from the public sector’s privileged position to undertake projects which can literally change lives, the services offered to Bedford Borough Council and Central Bedfordshire Council afford an opportunity to bring this all together.


The projects to deliver a range of facilities which benefit children and young families at a community level are subject to a number of factors and influences not found in other local authority capital projects, owing to the different funding streams, provider arrangements and links with schools.


This means that in addition to establishing effective and high performing design teams and contractors under the councils’ procurement rules, the need to manage expectations from local, regional and national stakeholders also exists.


The spotlight on public expenditure nationally also heightens the need to ensure that particular diligence is given over to ensuring cost and time certainty in the delivery of these exciting facilities.

· Supporting transformation – establishing policy; aligning with corporate objectives and priorities; encouraging customer focus; and managing property change.

· Optimising the use of resources – Supported supply chain/ category review; demonstrating value for money for property related works and services; and identified priority areas for improvements within the services.

· Strong project management – Clarity of objectives and ensuring the right mix of time, cost and quality in line with client’s requirements.