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IDeA / Local Government Group - Office Utilisation

Working with PCRMS Limited, Seisin has been supporting the Local Government Group to identify and implement improved space utilisation across key buildings in their property portfolio.


A number of internal moves were required to reflect changes in organisational structures and functionality at Layden House - the Improvement and Development headquarters building.


This has included validation of existing building information together with analysis and assessment of client needs. Following on from this an extensive stakeholder engagement exercise was undertaken with the various occupants of the building, most of whom operate with an element of independence and autonomy.


The ICT and Facilities Management services, including moves implementation, is undertaken by a contracted partner. We supported the client by co-ordinating information to be supplied to the contractor, including requirements by team, and information sufficient to develop and agree a project plan.


The moves were completed successfully within the parameters of time, cost and quality as agreed with the client.

· Stakeholder management – a diverse range of occupants needed to be engaged and consulted as part of the successful design and implementation stages..

· Working with existing contracted partners – working on behalf of the client organisation meant that due regard must be given to others’ existing and overriding responsibilities as part of the project

· Understanding the context – The ability to empathise with the client groups/ teams subject to the moves.